RBI Pro Swing RBI Pro Swing

RBI Pro Swing RBI Pro Swing

RBI Pro Swing RBI Pro Swing

Manufacturer: RBI Pro Swing
SKU: RBI Pro Swing

The RBI Pro Swing is designed to assist players with hand speed while swinging a bat. This device teaches the proper hitting technique and hand position during the impact point of the swing. 9oz Ages: 7 to 12 12oz Ages: 13 to 15 16oz Ages: 16+ Helps Develop Quick Hands Power Transfer Bat Positioning Swing Path Muscle Memory Transfer of Energy Shot travels through 4 equal chambers Quick Swish at exact impact point I think the RBI Pro Swing is the simplest, most efficient tool on the market for grooving the correct swing path. You get immediate feedback on what type of swing you make. – Rusty Greer – Texas Rangers Hall of Fame

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