Pro-Kold Youth Shoulder Ice Wrap

Pro-Kold Youth Shoulder Ice Wrap

Pro-Kold Youth Shoulder Ice Wrap

Manufacturer: Pro-Kold
SKU: DK-53

The Dura*Kold Shoulder Wrap covers the shoulder girdle and extends down toward the elbow. The wrap also includes an extension for the Rotator Cuff. Several studies have shown that Dura*Kold products get the appropriate cold (just above freezing) to the treatment site, with no fear of frostbite or cold shock. The Ice Mat pillows are not unlike those sheets of air bubbles used to ship breakables. The beauty of this system is that the pillows are hard and cold but the sheets remain flexible and capable to conforming to any configuration. The Ice Mats are sewn into variously shaped nylon micro-mesh casings with contact closures. The micro-mesh provides comfortable cold transfer, while the contact closures provide good compression for the treatment area. These materials are reusable and hand-washable. This Dura*Kold Shoulder wrap comes in a youth size.

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